Event: Compendium Discussion: Crisis Communications: Indian and Pakistani Perspectives on Responsible Practices

The BASIC-ICCS Nuclear Responsibilities Programme, in collaboration with the Centre for Security, Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR) at the University of Lahore and the Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies (IPCS) in New Delhi, is hosting a virtual roundtable discussion around ‘Crisis Communications: Indian and Pakistani Perspectives on Responsible Practices’. 

Register here to join us on Wednesday 23rd August from 11am – 1pm BST/UK time | 3pm – 5pm PKT/Pakistan time | 3:30pm – 5:30pm IST/India time. You will also find the exact time according to your timezone.

The discussion will focus on findings from our recent compendium, edited by Rabia Akhtar, Chiara Cervasio, Ruhee Neog, Alice Spilman, and Nicholas J. Wheeler. This is a collection of essays written by Pakistani and Indian nuclear policy experts and journalists that explore how the two countries can communicate in ways that help prevent crises from occurring, and should they occur, ensure that they are de-escalated as swiftly as possible. It emerged from a BASIC-ICCS nuclear responsibilities dialogue held in Bangkok in December 2022 which brought together Indian and Pakistani nuclear policy experts and journalists to explore the responsibilities of the governments, as well as those of print and social media, in crisis situations.

Compendium authors will discuss their perspectives on, and recommendations for, strengthening crisis communication and confidence building measures (CBMs) during India-Pakistan interactions through the lens of nuclear responsibilities. Findings will also be discussed by Dr Adil Sultan, Dean Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies (FASS), Air University, Islamabad, and Ambassador Dr TCA Raghavan, former High Commissioner of India to Pakistan and Singapore. 

Authors include: 

  • Ejaz Haider, The Perils of (Not) Communicating in the Absence of Trust in a Dangerous Nuclear Dyad
  • Nirupama Subramanian, Media Coverage for Mutual Understanding: What Way Forward for Indian and Pakistani Journalists?
  • Salma Malik, Restoring Responsible Communication as a Key to Trust Building Between India and Pakistan
  • Kamal Madishetty, The Shared Responsibility of Reading the ‘Other’ Right
  • Rabia Akhtar and Ruhee Neog, Tu Tu-Main Main: Policy, Scholarship, and India-Pakistan Communications

Image: Koshy Koshy

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