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Emerging Voices Network (EVN) Code of Conduct

The Emerging Voices Network (EVN) is a digital, global network of high-potential, early career researchers on nuclear weapons and nuclear policy issues. We seek to ensure that it remains an equitable, accessible, and inclusive shared space. The Code of Conduct has been developed by the EVN Board on behalf of the membership, and sets out the standards of behaviour that are expected of all members. We hope that it will serve as a useful resource to ensure a culture of safety, respect, and professionalism for all.

Our Values:

  1. Equality, diversity, and inclusivity. We seek out and celebrate demographic diversity, recognising the vital importance of inclusivity and equality in our work.
  2. Frank and fearless dialogue. We are committed to maintaining frank, fearless, and inclusive dialogue on matters pertaining to our work, including by practising active and empathetic listening.
  3. Respect. We conduct our work in a respectful manner and treat others with the dignity they deserve at all times.
  4. Innovation. We champion innovation and thinking differently about the complex challenges we face.
  5. Leadership. We lead by example with open-mindedness, recognising our responsibility for tackling global challenges.
  6. Accountability. We are committed to maintaining the Network and delivering core outputs, and are accountable for the contributions and success of the working groups we participate in.

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Members engage with their Network colleagues in a respectful manner, understanding that the strength of our Network is grounded in the plurality and diversity of our views and experiences. 
  • Members commit to maintaining the Chatham House Rule during working group sessions. Members’ views and statements as well as documents and materials cannot be publicly attributed, including on social media, without prior permission. If sessions are recorded (with the consent of all attendees), recordings may not be shared without permission.
  • When conducting business for or pertaining to the Network, Members commit to upholding the Network’s values and standards at all times, in the spirit of the community. 
  • Members are accountable individually and collectively for the outputs of their working group. They commit to ensuring deadlines are met, outputs are to a high standard, and appropriate due diligence is carried out. Working group outputs must reflect a considered contribution to complex security debates. 
  • EVN members make a commitment never to plagiarise.
  • Members commit to notifying the Network Board and/or BASIC staff in the event of any breach of the Code of Conduct or of failure to uphold the Network Values.
  • Members commit to proactive communication when issues arise that may cause them to no longer be able to contribute to the Network, or their Working Group.
  • Members commit to seeking permission from contributors before naming them in connection with any EVN publication or other work, recognising that doing so may put them at risk.
  • Members that accept responsibility for a ‘leadership’ role, such as a Working Group Chair or Consultant, commit to following the Memorandum of Understanding they sign with the EVN or any alternative arrangements they agree to, and commit to open and regular communication regarding their capacity to contribute.

The EVN team is committed to ensuring that all members of the Network have a positive, safe, and constructive experience, and the wellbeing of both staff and members is our priority. We recognise that situations that involve discrimination, feeling unsafe, or having difficulties related to the above can happen. Should you at any time have any negative experiences or concerns, the EVN team is available to you. We will do what we can to ensure you feel supported, and that any situation is appropriately addressed should you wish to share it with us. 

You can email us via the EVN inbox, or directly reach out to a member of the team.     

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