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Report: Nuclear Responsibilities in an Interconnected World

This report arises from a one-day roundtable on ‘nuclear responsibilities’ on the 6th March 2019, hosted by the Institute for Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur.

Held under the Chatham House Rule, the Roundtable included representatives of the Malaysian Government, think-tanks, academia and civil society, and were facilitated by Sebastian Brixey-Williams (Programme Director, BASIC) and Paul Ingram (Executive Director, BASIC). The purpose was to introduce the Malaysian nuclear policy community to the ‘nuclear responsibilities’ framing and to canvass opinions on the concrete nuclear responsibilities of the Nuclear Weapon States (NWS) and Non-Nuclear Weapon States (NNWS). All participants attended in their personal capacities; the views they expressed did not necessarily reflect those of the Malaysian Government.

The roundtable was one of a series funded by the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and is part of a broader programme of work by BASIC and ICCS that intends to build international understanding, dialogue and a shared culture of responsibilities around nuclear weapons. So far, BASIC and ICCS have held ‘Foregrounding Nuclear Responsibilities’ roundtables in London in October 2018 and Tokyo in January 2019. A brief recap of the conclusions of these meetings are included on the following pages.

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