A Visit to Moscow: Disarmament, Arms Control, the Role of Nuclear Weapons, and NATO-Russia Strategic Dialogue

From 28-30 November 2011, BASIC executive director Paul Ingram travelled to Moscow and participated in several meetings on nuclear arms control with a focus on tactical nuclear weapons, in order to reach out to Russian officials and parliamentarians to discuss next steps in arms control and disarmament. Among these events were a seminar entitled, \’Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Control: next steps and the role of the Russian-European dialogue\’ organised by the PIR Center at MacArthur Institute Moscow, and a seminar entitled, \’The Role of Nuclear Weapons in European Security, and the NATO-Russian Strategic Dialogue\’ organised by Carnegie Moscow. On the last day of his trip, Mr Ingram participated in a meeting which covered Russian perspectives on Iran’s nuclear program organised by the Center for Energy and Security Studies at MacArthur Institute Moscow.

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