UK’s Trident nuclear submarines ‘vulnerable to catastrophic hack’

In June 2017, the Guardian pubished an article exploring some of the key themes of BASIC’s cyber security report, Hacking UK Trident. It acknowledged some of Tridents’ cyber vulnerabilities, as identified in the report and gauged the reaction of Des Browne, the former UK defence secretary:

“The WannaCry worm attack earlier this month affecting 300,000 computers worldwide, including vital NHS services, was just a taste of what is possible when cyber-weapons are stolen. To imagine that critical digital systems at the heart of nuclear weapon systems are somehow immune or can be confidently protected by dedicated teams of network managers is to be irresponsibly complacent.”

The Guardian article was quickly noticed and Hacking UK Trident was later reported on, in a range of other national and international sources including The Daily Mail, Israel DefenseSecurity Affairs and Cyware.

Read the full article here.

Image: Defence Imagery

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