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‘Trident is Old Technology’: the Brave New World of Cyber Warfare

This article by the Guardian’s Julian Borger details emerging disruptive technologies and cyber warfare that “means a country can be brought to its knees with the click of a mouse.” BASIC’s Paul Ingram was interviewed as saying “Trident is old technology…The submarines are big, they’re expensive, with very long lead times. The technology chasing them will be will be 30 or 40 generations on by the time they hit the water.”  The uncertainties about Trident are just one part of a much bigger revolution, in which behemoths such as missile submarines and aircraft carriers are being outpaced. In this new world, technology is largely developed in the civilian sector, where the pace of innovation is fast and could be available to small nations as well as terrorist groups.

Read the full article on the Guardian’s website here:

Image: Markus Spiske

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