Drone technology a threat to Trident submarines, MPs to be told

David Connett has written an article for the Independant based on the BASIC briefing published on underwater drone technologies. Both BASIC and Paul Ingram are both referenced in the article, which discusses how emerging drone technology is likely to render Trident useless by the time it is to be deployed into service.

Paul Ingram was directly quoted in the article saying, “In the past anti-submarine warfare has been carried out by a small number of highly capable ships and manned aircraft. Their task has been like that of a handful of police looking for a fugitive in a vast wilderness. Lacking the manpower to cover the whole area, they have to concentrate their forces on the most likely paths and hideouts, and hope for a lucky break. With the advent cheap drones, the police are joined by thousands more searchers, who are less well-equipped but have the numbers to walk shoulder to shoulder and sweep the entire area. Escape becomes impossible.”

You can read the full article here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/drone-technology-a-threat-to-trident-submarines-mps-to-be-told-a6900486.html 

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