Iran Nuclear Deal Prospects Dim Amid Embargo

Paul Ingram, executive director of BASIC, was quoted in an article by Jonathan Tirone, Ilya Arkhipov and Henry Meyer on Bloomberg Businessweek about the E3+3 (P5+1) talks with Iran in Moscow this week. Political tensions are high as there has been much preparation for this meeting on Iran’s nuclear program. The interests of many nations are vested in these talks, but many of them bring separate political agendas.  Paul was quoted as saying, “It is difficult to see any significant room for agreement…There are good solutions out there for win-win agreements; it’s just that the politics in Washington are not conducive to any form of compromise…It’s no secret that hardliners in Washington and Tel Aviv are waiting for the talks to fail to justify further sanctions, or even military action.”


Read the full article on Bloomberg Businessweek’s website:


This article was also seen in Bloomberg, titled Iran Nuclear Offer Isn’t Enough to Delay EU Oil Embargo:

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