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EVN Away Day: The Student/Young Pugwash Conference 27/01/2024


On Saturday the 27th of January, several EVN members presented at the 7th annual SYP Conference at King’s College London titled: “Artificial Intelligence: implications for peace and security”. BASIC’s Inclusive International Security members Anahita Parsa and Declan Penrose were also in attendance. Here is a report on the EVN Member Presentations: 

Veerle SYPVeerle Moyson is a Consultant at the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs in Vienna and her presentation was titled: ‘What a future regulation on AWS can learn from the nuclear regime’. Veerle presented fascinating insights into how we can look at the nuclear regime, the NPT and the TPNW, and apply the lessons learned from decades of nuclear regulation to AI.


Jan SYPEVN member Jan Quosdorf, an MA in Candidate International Affairs at King’s College London / Peace and Security Studies, Hamburg University presented with Vincent Tadday on ‘How AI is revolutionising the Western Defense Industry – The case of Anduril and Implications for Europe’. Jan’s part of the presentation looked at how autonomous weapons developer Anduril has become very influential in the United States, while Vincent discussed how Anduril have seen a much slower growth in Europe, but also that this may be changing.

Sarah SYPSarah Weiler is a Research Fellow at the Global Policy Research Group working on the AI Governance Program and her presentation was on ‘The use of AI-powered technologies in the UN’s efforts to promote peace and security globally’. Sarah explored how the UN can use AI to promote negative peace, fight the misuse of AI in the military realm and promote positive peace. 


Syeda SYP

Syeda Saba Batool is a Board Chair for our Emerging Voices Network at BASIC and is completing a MPhil in International Relations at Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad. Her presentation was on ‘AI for Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy: Future Prospects’ and looked at how AI can help us to optimise how we use nuclear energy and peaceful nuclear technologies. This covered a vairiety of methods, such as using AI to help with safety checks and even use AI-enabled robots in reactors and during decommissioning to increase nuclear safety. 

Oceane SYP 3

Océane Van Geluwe, a nuclear safety engineer at AKKODIS Belgium, did a presentation on ‘Decoding AI Hype: Unveiling the Overrated Problem for a Race Against Time’. Her presentation discussed how most people fear AI, yet most of our conceptions of AI are shaped by pop-culture. She broke down AI risks today and proposed a variety of policy recommendations that included improving public awareness and establishing an agile regulatory framework.


Joel SYP

Joel Cristoph is a PhD Researcher at the European University Institute and his presentation looked at ‘AI-Driven Nuclear Risk Reduction Strategies’. His presentation looked at how AI can increase or decrease the likelihood of nuclear use from helping to assess treaty compliance to using AI in a crisis management model. Joel finished on an interesting point by asking us “what does AI not change?”.


Arian SYPNg Arian Man Lok is an MA student in China in Comparative Perspective at the London School Of Economics and presented on ‘AI and Global Security Dynamics: Navigating the Evolving Military and Geopolitical Landscape’. He explored the AI arms race that appears to be taking place and compared it to the Cold War nuclear arms race. After running through the ethical and legal concerns he presented policy recommendations that included the creation of a high level committee placed in a neutral country as this has proved successful for other international committees in the past.

9Mahmoud Javadi is an AI Governance Researcher for the REMIT Horizon Europe Project at the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam and his presentation was ‘European Democratic Multilateralism in Shaping Military AI Governance’.




Members of BASIC’s Inclusive International Security Team Anahita Parsa and Declan Penrose had an excellent time observing the presentations. They were very impressed by our EVN members’ presentations and were delighted to meet several members in person during the event. We hope to see more of our members at events in the future!

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