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An agenda for the P5 meeting in Paris: BASIC report

The world\’s officially recognised nuclear powers, meeting in Paris today, should expand upon their existing commitments under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and agree a disarmament roadmap, according to a new report from the British American Security Information Council.
     “It\’s time the P5 – Britain, the United States, France, Russia and China – began laying the foundations to climb down the nuclear ladder, in line with their NPT commitments,” said Dr Andrew Cottey, the author of the BASIC report and a member of BASIC’s governing board.

Experts Call NATO Strategic Concept ‘Missed Opportunity to Reduce Role of Obsolete Tactical Nukes from Europe’

U.S. and European nuclear arms control and security experts criticized NATO\’s new “Strategic Concept” as a conservative, backward-looking policy, a missed opportunity to reduce the number and role of the 200 forward-deployed U.S. tactical nuclear bombs and engage Russia in a dialogue on removing all tactical nuclear weapons from Europe.

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee sends nuclear weapons treaty to full Senate

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee today voted to refer the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) to the full Senate. If the treaty successfully goes through the ratification processes in the United States and Russia, the treaty will cap deployed strategic nuclear warheads at 1,550 in both countries and establish a set of mutual inspections that have not had a formal framework since the first START treaty lapsed last December.

NATO ‘Experts Group’ misses an opportunity for leadership on nuclear posture

BASIC and Arms Control Association Press Release

(London/Berlin/Washington, D.C./New York) — U.S. and European nuclear arms control and security experts reacted to the elements of a report from a group of senior advisors on reform of NATO\’s basic mission statement describing recommendations on Alliance nuclear policy as a missed opportunity to look forward and take the chance to mould the future of the Alliance.

BASIC expert comment on critical nuclear weapons conference in New York from next week

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in New York will be attended by 189 countries and last from 3 to 28 May 2010.

BASIC’s Washington Program Director, Anne Penketh, has provided the scorecard below on key things to look for from the Review Conference. BASIC also has a number of publications either published or forthcoming on key issues surrounding the NPT.

What to watch for at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference

Anne Penketh, BASIC Program Director