Future Nuclear Security in a Rapidly Evolving World

BASIC and N Square Collaborative are co-hosting a unique open-ended workshop in San Francisco: an exploration of issues surrounding nuclear security, nuclear deterrence and international governance with a diverse group of participants. This is the concluding part of a project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York looking at methods of reframing nuclear security issues in holistic, systems perspectives.

SDSR word cloud

Next Generation roundtable: Britain’s security and the role of nuclear weapons

BASIC\’s Next Generation project will host Crispin Blunt MP for remarks about Britain\’s security and the role of nuclear weapons, including specifics about the most recent SDSR released in November 2015 and the forthcoming parliamentary debate on Trident. This discussion event is for members and participants of BASIC\’s Next Generation project and is currently at capacity. Please email [email protected] if you would like to be put on a waiting list.