Zara Levy

Ex-Admin and Communications Officer

Zara Rizvi joined BASIC in September 2016 to support the daily office operations and to help develop our communications strategy. Zara coordinated the NextGen project and used her experience in digital communications to expand and develop BASIC’s online presence. Before joining BASIC, Zara worked as a Digital Research Assitant, where she produced a range of online publications and infographics and led a number of workshops on data visualisation and storytelling for NGOs.

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How serious was the Trident missile test failure?

On 22nd January, BASIC Executive Director, Paul Ingram was quoted in the US Defence Journal for his analysis of the recent Trident missile test failure. 

“It is a complex system. It is an amazing feat of human engineering but everything has to work or there is catastrophic failure and a catastrophic failure can have catastrophic consequences.”

Read the full article here.

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