Cristina Varriale

Cristina Varriale is a Senior Research Analyst, North East Asia at Janes Intelligence. Previously, Cristina spent six years in the Proliferation and Nuclear Policy team at RUSI, culminating in a short period as Acting Director, where she focused on North Korea’s nuclear and chemical weapons programmes, North/South Korea relations, US extended deterrence in East Asia and disarmament diplomacy in the NPT.

Prior to joining RUSI 2016, she worked in nuclear policy and research with the International Centre for Security Analysis (ICSA) and with the British American Security Information Council (BASIC).

Cristina holds an MA in Non-proliferation and International Security from King’s College London. She was also part of the 2018 Nuclear Scholars Initiative at the Center for Strategic Studies in Washington DC, and was selected for the 2021 Emerging Leaders Fellowship with the South Korean National Institute for Unification Education.

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Tactical Nuclear Weapons, NATO and Deterrence

Nuclear sharing arrangements and the active deployment of US theatre nuclear weapons (TNW) in Europe under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are viewed as critical components of its deterrence posture. Previously, this nuclear posture was aimed at the former Soviet Union (USSR) and Warsaw Pact alliance during the Cold War. Since the end of the Cold War and the absorption of former Warsaw Pact states into NATOthe official justification for those systems remaining is not connected to any specified enemy.

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