Cormac Mc Garry

Cormac is part of a specialised analytical team, spread across the world, dedicated to global, international and supranational issues where his primary responsibility is to manage Control Risks’ maritime intelligence and security services.

Prior to joining Control Risks, Cormac was an Operations Manager in East Africa coordinating land-based close protection, crisis response and special investigations. Cormac also worked as a Project Manager at the National Maritime College of Ireland managing applied research projects with the Irish Naval Service and others in the European maritime community and served in the Irish Reserve Defence Forces as an NCO and artillery Gun Commander.

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Iran news update: Israel raises the temperature

A flurry of media reports in the past week have sounded the alarm over purported advancements in Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons programme and Israel’s willingness to launch a first strike to prevent Iran obtaining a bomb. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak have raised the stakes in the full knowledge that the U.S. is less than three months from a presidential election.

Book review of “The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: A Memoir”

In The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: A Memoir, Seyed Hossein Mousavian gives us a rich history of Iran’s nuclear programme and describes his own attempts to achieve a “grand bargain” with the West. He offers a combination of text book and personal accounts but, more importantly, a political analysis of the behavior of all actors involved both past and present.

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